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Astrophysicist Brian Keating and Chip tackle black holes, time travel, relativity and this; why does your clock upstairs run faster than the one downstairs?

Can we learn anything from zombies? We already have. Actor and author of the zombie classic WORLD WAR Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, and a senior fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point, Max Brooks joins Chip Franklin to discuss zombies and how our military takes it very seriously.

Is there intelligent life in the universe? Renowned astronomer and SETI board member Andrew Fornacki on gravity, science fiction and little green men.

How did we come to sound like this? Journalist John Colapinto dives deep into the evolution of the human voice.

This was bad, but is the worst ahead of us? Professor Frank Snowden is a professor emeritus of the history of medicine at Yale University.

The question isn’t which side wins, but just how much we stand to lose. Michael Mann is an atmospheric scientist at Penn State.

Is it possible to hypnotize someone into committing murder? Tom Silver, one of the best known and leading authority on hypnosis weighs in.

Soon, you will be able to determine the sex of your child, as well as eleminating any genetic shorcomings. In other words, you could have a perfect baby. But that’s the bad news. Dr. Arthur Caplan is professor of bioethics at New York University and the founding director of the Division of Medical Ethics.

If SARS CoV2 isn’t alive, how do we kill it? Chip speaks with Dr. John Swartzberg, professor emeritus, Division of Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology UC Berkeley on how something so deadly can be both dead and alive.

  • If one end of the universe began to die, how long before we would know?
  • Who were the neanderthals and could they have just as easily been the dominant┬áspecies to survive?
  • Who invented zero?
  • Is a virus dead or alive?
  • With our biology, what’s the maximum life expectancy we can reach?
  • Is AI as dangerous as advertised?
Chip Franklin

Chip Franklin is an award-winning writer, talk show host, filmmaker, comedian, and musician. A twenty five-year veteran of talk radio, Chip has been awarded the National Edward R. Murrow Award for writing and overall excellence. In addition, Franklin has been honored by The New York Festival for his unconventional coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions and received more than 30 AP awards for writing and broadcasting. Chip has interviewed every “living” president as well as Donald Trump. Hosting talk radio shows in Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, and most recently San Francisco, Chip appears regularly on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, the BBC and CNN. The Washington Post says, “Franklin brings irony to a medium that rarely trusts its audience to get the joke.”

Chip has also appeared on network comedy specials and written for Steve Allen, Jay Leno, and even renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. (Ask him about that.) He has appeared at over 200 clubs and 500 colleges in every state but Idaho (nothing personal).

Chip started his career as a touring musician. The Washington Post Music critic, Joe Brown, said of Chip’s eponymous collection of original songs, “the musicianship is practically peerless.”

After all of that though, Chip is still just a mediocre dancer.